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We’ll get a “Christmas surprise” from Apple, according to a reliable leaker

Reliable leaker L0vetodream tweeted on Saturday that Apple fans can expect a mystery Christmas surprise from Apple without giving us any clue as to what it could be.

“You’ll get a Christmas surprise from Apple,” according to L0vetodream’s tweet. The account that that this is a winter exclusive that will be “good for winter”. The latest tweet isn’t a major departure from L0vetodream’s usual cryptic style of revealing Apple’s plans.

Apple has released or updated most, if not all, of its major product lines this year, with three online events in the past three months alone. The only major rumored products that we haven’t seen announced or released are the tentatively named AirPods Studio over-ear headphones and the rumored item-tracking accessory, dubbed AirTags.

One possibility for that Christmas surprise from Apple could be an extension of free year of Apple TV+, Apple Arcade or similar. Or perhaps Apple has finally decided to up their free five-gigabyte iCloud storage tier to something less embarrassing, like 15 gigabytes of free storage?

As MacRumors noted, Apple last December announced a holiday promotion that allowed Apple Card customers to get up to six percent Daily Cash back on most Apple products purchased through the end of the year.

Whatever the case, just please don’t let it be one of the (otherwise excellent) Christmas ads (or, Godfobid, a Christmas album from U2) because L0vetodream makes it sound as if this will be something of value to the user, or maybe I’m just getting my hopes too high?

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