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How to use curated and custom guides in Maps on Mac

Apple Maps received some updates as of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur. One of those updates is curated city guides. These guides assemble collections of notable places in many major cities. So if you’re planning a trip to Chicago, for instance, you can find guides for the best candy stores, coffee shops, and must-see attractions.

Along with curated guides, you can create your own. Once called Collections, these guides hold places that you add yourself. Both types of guides appear in the My Guides section of the Maps sidebar on Mac and sync with your iPhone and iPad.

To help you start using this handy feature, here’s how to use both curated and custom guides in Maps on Mac.

Guides in Maps on Mac

Here’s what we’ll cover in this tutorial…

Find curated city guides

Browse all guides

Browse guides by city

Save curated guides and locations

Save a curated city guide

Save a guide’s location

Create your own guide

Create an empty guide

Create a guide based off a location

Add places to an existing guide

Remove places from a guide

View your guides

Delete a guide

Find curated city guides

To find curated city guides that you might like in the Maps app, you have a few options.

Browse all guides

First, click the Search box at the top of the sidebar. Before you even enter a location, you’ll see some popular guides under Editor’s Picks. If you see one you like, just select it to view the details. Otherwise, click See All next to Editor’s Picks.

You’ll then see a pop-up window on the right of the map with all of the available guides. If you click the Editor’s Picks drop-down at the top of that list, you can select a particular city to see its guides.

Browse guides by city

Second, if you search for a city that happens to have curated guides, you’ll see a small pop-up display next to the location on the map that offers up a few to check out. You can also click See More.

If you choose one of those guides, but still want to find more, click the three dots on the top right. You’ll see options for See All Guides and See Publisher’s Guides. So if you want to go back to seeing all of the guides available or just those from that particular source, select one of those options.

Save curated guides and locations

You can save an entire curated guide that you find or certain locations from it.

Save a curated city guide

To save an entire city guide, click the Add to My Guides link at the top or the three dots on the top right of the guide and pick Add to My Guides.

Save a guide’s location

Maybe there’s only one spot in a guide that you want to hold onto. Click the plus sign next to its name in the guide and select an existing guide to add it to.

Create your own guide

You can create your own guides for places you want to visit or revisit and you have a couple of easy ways to do this.

Create an empty guide

If you already have some places in mind that you want to put into a new guide or simply want an empty guide that’s ready for when you find a spot, start in the sidebar.

1) Click the plus sign in the My Guides section of the sidebar. (The plus sign displays when you hover your cursor over My Guides.)

2) Give your new guide a name and optionally a photo which you can pick from your Photos or Albums.

3) Hit your Return key.

If you have locations that you’d like to add to your newly created guide immediately, follow these steps.

1) Right-click the guide in the sidebar.

2) Select Add New Place.

3) Search for the locations you want or view the suggestions.

4) Click the plus sign next to each spot you want to add and click Done with you finish.

Create a guide based off a location

Alternatively, you can create a new guide based off of a location or business you find on the map.

1) Select the spot on the map and then click the three dots on the top right of its pop-up window.

2) Pick Save to Guide > New Guide.

3) You’ll see the new guide join the others in the sidebar. Assign a name and optionally a photo.

4) Hit your Return key.

Add places to an existing guide

If you create an empty guide or come across another location that you want to add to an existing guide, this is easy.

1) Select the spot on the map to display its pop-up window.

2) Click the three dots on the top right.

3) Pick Save to Guide and choose the name of the guide.

Remove places from a guide

Maybe you’ve changed your mind about including a place in one your guides. It’s just as simple to remove one as it is to add one.

1) Expand the guide under My Guides in the sidebar to see all of its locations.

2) Right-click the location you want to remove.

3) Select Remove from Guide. Be aware that you won’t be asked to confirm.

View your guides

As mentioned, both curated and custom guides reside in the My Guides area of the sidebar. Click a curated guide to open its pop-up window on the map.

Click the arrow next to a guide you create to expand and view the saved locations. You can also sort the locations in your custom guides by name, distance, or date added using the drop-down list below the guide’s name.

Delete a guide

You can remove a curated or custom guide from your list in the sidebar. Either right-click or click the Info icon and select Delete Guide. Confirm by clicking the Delete button.

Wrapping it up

The curated city guides are wonderful for discovering new and recommended places in a city you’ve never visited. And for those locations you end up falling in love with, save them to your own guide to revisit them another time!

What do you think of the curated and custom guides in Maps? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!

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