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How to use Intercom on HomePod for announcements in your home

With a lot of updates and new features to your Apple devices this year, one more will have you and your family communicating throughout the house. Intercom on HomePod gives you a quick and simple way to speak to family members in other rooms of the house.

You can use your HomePod, or all of them if you have more than one, as a loudspeaker of sorts. Speak into another device like your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch and your message will be heard on the HomePod(s) in your household.

Here, we’ll show you how to use the Intercom on HomePod, manage the settings, and make the most out of this cool new feature.

Intercom messages with HomePod

Here’s what you’ll learn in this article…

Manage the Intercom settings

Manage individual HomePod Intercom settings

Send and receive Intercom messages

Use the Home app

Use Siri for announcements

Reply using Siri

Manage the Intercom settings

Make sure that you’re running the latest software on all of your devices. The Intercom will actually turn on automatically. But you can adjust a few settings for it before you use it.

You can decide when to receive Intercom messages, who can access them, and which HomePod speakers use Intercom. You’ll set all of this up in the Home Settings section of Home app on your device.

1) In the Home app, tap the home icon and select Home Settings.

2) Scroll to and select Intercom.

3) At the top, choose when you want to receive Intercom messages. You can pick from Never, When I’m Home, or Anywhere.

4) Under People, use the toggles to turn on Intercom access for those you want to send and receive the messages, even when away from home.

5) If you have more than one HomePod, turn on the toggles for those you want to use Intercom.

6) Tap Back and then Done.

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Manage individual HomePod Intercom settings

Along with setting up Intercom using the steps above, you can adjust settings for individual HomePods if you have more than one. You can do this by selecting your HomePod in the Home app and opening its Settings.

1) In the Home app, long-press your HomePod’s icon.

2) At the bottom, tap the Settings (gear) icon.

3) Scroll down to and tap Intercom.

4) Choose when to receive Intercom messages at the top or turn off the toggle to disable Intercom for that HomePod.

5) Tap Back and then the X to close that HomePod’s settings.

Send and receive Intercom messages

You can use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, CarPlay, and AirPods to send Intercom messages. This makes it convenient to communicate with your family from anywhere, anytime. Plus, Siri can help send Intercom messages and reply to them too.

Use the Home app

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the Home app to send an Intercom message. As of this writing, the Intercom feature in the Home app is not available on macOS Big Sur or earlier.

1) In the Home app, tap the Intercom icon in the toolbar at the top. The icon looks like a sound wave and can be found on the Home tab or the Room containing a HomePod.

2) Speak your message to play it on the HomePod(s) in your home. For a certain one, add the room or zone for that HomePod. So you can say something like, “Let everyone know I’ll be late” or “Tell [office] I’m running behind”.

3) Tap Done when you finish.

Within a few seconds, the Intercom message will play for all to hear!

Use Siri for announcements

If you want to send an Intercom message with Siri, it’s just as easy. And this is how you’ll send messages using your Apple Watch, CarPlay, AirPods, or compatible Beats headphones.

You can use phrases like these:

“Hey Siri, announce that dinner is ready.”

“Hey Siri, intercom everyone it’s time to wake up.”

“Hey Siri, ask the [living room] what they want for lunch.”

“Hey Siri, tell the [upstairs] that Rover needs a walk.”

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Reply using Siri

The nice thing about Siri, aside from the charming personality, is that you can reply to Intercom messages using Siri as well. Just insert the word “reply” and of course, make sure you’re near the HomePod for Siri to hear you and send your reply.

Try replies like:

“Hey Siri, reply I’ll be right there.”

“Hey Siri, reply I need another 10 minutes.”

“Hey Siri, reply to [kitchen] a sandwich sounds good.”

“Hey Siri, reply to [office] you walk Rover, you could use the exercise.”

Wrapping it up

The Intercom feature for HomePod is a useful one. And if you have more than one HomePod in your house, it’s even better!

What do you think about the Intercom? Are you going to give it a try? Let us know!

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