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How to make sure no one else can see your location on iPhone

You can stop sharing your location with apps you use if you’re concerned about privacy. But what if you want to quit sharing your spot with other people too?

If you’ve shared your location with friends or family, or just want to make sure no one, regardless of who they are, can see where you go, here’s how.

Turn off location services for apps

If you haven’t viewed our tutorial for disabling Location Services for all apps or specific ones on iOS, be sure to take a look. We walk you through turning off the feature along with how to select certain apps to share your location with.

Turn off location sharing in Find My

Using the Find My app is a great way to keep track of loved ones. And sharing is caring in this app because you share your location with each other. But you can stop sharing with everyone or just specific contacts anytime you like.

Stop sharing your location with everyone

1) Open Find My and select the Me tab.

2) Swipe up from the bottom.

3) Disable Share My Location.

Stop sharing your location with certain contacts

1) Open Find My and select the People tab.

2) Choose the person you want to stop sharing your location with.

3) Tap Stop Sharing My Location.

Your pal will not be notified that you’ve stopped sharing your spot, but you will no longer show up in their list should they try to track you down.

If you have a change of heart later, they will be notified when you want to start sharing your location again.

Turn off location sharing in Settings

You can disable your location sharing for everyone in the Privacy area of the Settings app on iPhone and iPad or the Find My section of Settings.

1) Open Settings and select Privacy.

2) Choose Location Services and pick Share My Location.

3) Turn off the toggle for Share My Location.


1) Open Settings and tap your Apple ID.

2) Select Find My.

3) Turn off the toggle for Share My Location or pick a person and tap Stop Sharing My Location.

Wrapping it up

If you no longer want to share your location with anyone or just someone on particular, these methods should have you covered.

How do you feel about location sharing on iPhone and iPad? Do you share with only specific people like family members or are you ready to stop showing people where you go altogether?

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