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Sunrise wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

As we cross over into a brand new year, we all hope that 2021 will be a year of new possibilities. While talk of the ‘new normal’ pervaded our daily vocabularies, the new year is a chance to renew attitudes, perspectives, and positions. To play into the metaphor of a fresh start, this sunrise wallpaper pack honors the new beginnings in the start of another year.

Sunrise wallpapers

The iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection provides photo quality images every Sunday for your Apple devices. The following sunrises come from the online repository You can visit the site for a full array of different image themes for a varied amount of devices.

The sunrise wallpapers range from a very nice blurry bokeh sunrise above fair grounds to a pink cotton candy feeling sunrise image taken from above the clouds.

Each image is 2048 x 2028, which enables you to set the image for an iPad or and iPhone with a single wallpaper.

Sunrise wallpaper through the forest trees for iPhone or iPad

Winding river sunrise reflection wallpaper for iPhone or iPad

Sunrise over a mountain with vectored clouds for iPhone or iPad

Sunrise above the clouds with a pink sun for iPhone or iPad

Bokeh sunrise with a ferris wheel in the background for iPhone or iPad

Sunrise over a field of grains with a golden sun for iPhone or iPad

I need your help with the iDB wallpaper gallery! If you have some awesome wallpapers or know where there are images to be found, make sure to send me a tip via @jim_gresham. Also, be sure to follow along for mid-week downloads, sneak peaks at upcoming wallpaper posts, and general Apple related banter.

If you missed my last two posts, take a look at the top ten wallpapers from 2020. You can find the links below to the top images for your devices.

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