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macOS Big Sur and iOS 14 wallpaper mods for iPhone

Since the launch of iOS Home Screen widgets and the ability to change app icons within native iOS 14, people are getting really creative with their setups. Pictured in the preview above, this @AR72014 wallpaper mod takes it a step farther with a creative way to enhance the look of the iPhone dock.

Apple stock wallpaper mods

The first two wallpapers in the collection are hide-the-dock style images. Imagery is taken from Big Sur and modded for iPhone devices. @AR72014 further modded his setup using the “Convergence,” theme on the Moloko app, found in the Apple App Store. Check it out!

macOS Big Sur iPhone dock mod ar72014 idownloadblog

Big Sur stock modded wallpaper for iPhone dock

macOS Big Sur iPhone dock mod ar72014 idownloadblog moutainscape

iPhone dock wallpaper mod with Bir Sur stock image

The following two images take a stock iOS 14 wallpaper and mod them into light and dark versions. While the stock version is an actual dynamic Light and Dark Mode version, the below version offer a slightly tweaked option.

iOS 14 iPhone light mod ar72014 idownloadblog

iOS 14 stock wallpaper day light mod for iPhone

iOS 14 iPhone dark mod ar72014 idownloadblog

Dark theme stock iOS 14 wallpaper mod for iPhone

Unfortunately, there is not a way to create wallpapers for iOS 14 the system will recognize as dynamic for Light and Dark Modes. However! There is a way to make Dynamic Wallpapers that wilswitch for macOS Big Sur! If you missed the last two Wallpapers of the Week, you should give them both a read to setup your Mac with custom wallpapers that dynamically switch at certain times of day, based on your geographic location, and/or Light and Dark Mode within the system.

How to create Dynamic Wallpapers for macOS and some downloads!

How to set custom, Dynamic Wallpapers for macOS and some downloads!

If you’ve enjoyed the wallpaper gallery, then make sure to find even more wallpaper conversation by following me via @jim_gresham, where I curate the collection. Please make sure to submit images or links to great wallpapers that will be featured on the site! Follow along for previews of upcoming posts, mid-week downloads, and musings about Apple rumors!

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This tweak lets jailbroken iPadOS 14 users enjoy widgets anywhere on the Home Screen

One of the things I really love about iOS 14 on my iPhone is that I can finally add widgets to any page of the Home Screen. Apple did a beautiful job on making the widget user experience very responsive and fitting those widgets into an otherwise cluttered screen of app icons.

Sadly, the same user experience can’t be appreciated on the iPad, as iPadOS 14 doesn’t let users have widgets on individual Home Screen pages. Instead, widgets are limited to the Today view, just as they always were on iPadOS 13. Bah humbug!

Here to a rescue is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called Anywhere Widgets for iPad by iOS developer PoomSmart, which as the name implies, allows iPad users on iPadOS 14 to have widgets anywhere on their Home Screen just as they could on an iPhone with iOS 14.

As depicted in the screenshot examples above and below, these are the same widgets that you’d use on your iPhone, although they can now be aligned with the app icons on your iPad’s spacious display for an augmented Home Screen user experience.

PoomSmart is known for porting novel features to unsupported devices, and fortunately, Anywhere Widgets for iPad doesn’t disappoint in that sector.

Anywhere Widgets for iPad automatically and intelligently adjusts the iPad’s Home Screen icon grid size to 8×6 (or 7×5 when zoomed) to compensate for the dimensional differences that would otherwise hinder widget fitment alongside app icons on the Home Screen. This allows widgets to look like they belong on the Home Screen with proper buffer spacing between the icons and the widgets.

Those interested in trying Anywhere Widgets for iPad can download the tweak for free from PoomSmart’s personal repository via their favorite package manager. The tweak works with jailbroken iPadOS 14 devices whether you’re using the checkra1n or the unc0ver jailbreak, and it’s open source on the developer’s GitHub page for anyone interested in learning more about how it works.

If you’re not already using PoomSmart’s personal repository, then you can add it to your package manager of choice with the following URL:

Will you be downloading Anywhere Widgets for iPad on your newly jailbroken iPad on iPadOS 14? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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Jailbreaking with unc0ver – F.A.Q.

In case you missed it, the unc0ver jailbreak tool received an update Saturday night to version 6.0.0, adding official support for iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3 devices.

Many iPhone and iPad users are excited about the thought of jailbreaking their iOS & iPadOS 14 devices, but they’re either not sure where to begin or might be experiencing turbulence in the attempt to jailbreak.

In this piece, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about jailbreaking by way of unc0ver in an attempt to quell some of the confusion.

F.A.Q. – The unc0ver jailbreak

What can I do with a device jailbroken by unc0ver?

After jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad with unc0ver, you will achieve root access to your handset (remember to change your root password after jailbreaking).

The unc0ver jailbreak will install the Cydia app on your Home Screen, allowing you to manage repositories from which you can download packages in the form of jailbreak tweaks, themes, and utilities.

Jailbreakers can also browse their entire handset’s filesystem, make modifications, and much more.

Jailbreaking lets you do things with your iPhone or iPad that you couldn’t do out of the box, you need only view our daily jailbreak tweak coverage to learn more about what’s possible.

What versions of iOS or iPadOS does unc0ver support?

The unc0ver jailbreak supports all versions of iOS and iPadOS 11.0-14.3. This means that you can jailbreak any version of iOS 11, any version of iOS 12, any version of iOS or iPadOS 13, and iOS or iPadOS 14.0 through 14.3.

What devices does unc0ver support?

The unc0ver jailbreak supports all devices that run iOS or iPadOS 11.0-14.3. Unlike the checkra1n jailbreak, which only supports A7-A11 devices due to a targeted hardware exploit, the unc0ver jailbreak is software based and works with any device that runs the affected firmware.

Yes, this also means that you can even jailbreak your brand-new iPhone 12, iphone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max… as long as it’s running iOS 14.0-14.3.

What exploit does unc0ver use to jailbreak iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3?

You might’ve heard about the recent release of the cicuta_verosa exploit by @ModernPwner, and while the Odyssey14 jailbreak is likely to use this exploit when released, unc0ver uses something different.

According to unc0ver lead developer Pwn20wnd, the jailbreak uses a custom kernel exploit that draws heavy inspiration from the cicuta_verosa exploit; so while they’re not the same, unc0ver’s kernel exploit is based on cicuta_verosa.

How can I install the unc0ver jailbreak?

Those seeking to use the unc0ver jailbreak have a few different options for installing the tool on their handset. Perhaps the most surefire way to install the unc0ver jailbreak app is with AltStore, which can be achieved with a computer running either macOS or Windows.

Mac users may also side-load the unc0ver jailbreak app with Xcode, albeit more complicated than using AltStore. Another option is to use a signing service.

Please note that while signing services can be convenient because they don’t require a computer, they may have their certificates revoked occasionally without warning, which would impact your ability to run the unc0ver jailbreak in the event that your device reboots.

Do I really need to enter my Apple ID into AltStore to jailbreak with unc0ver?


However, to put your mind to ease, the information is only sent directly to Apple. You can also make a burner Apple ID if you aren’t comfortable entering your primary Apple ID into a third-party interface.

Should I wait for a stable version of unc0ver before using it?

The unc0ver jailbreak was thoroughly tested inside and out by an internal beta testing team before it was publicly released. That aside, it may still be a good idea to wait a couple of weeks to see what happens since even beta testers can’t reasonably find every single bug before a release.

The unc0ver jailbreak is especially known for receiving a slew of micro updates following a major launch like this one. These micro-updates tend to address bugs, some being serious and some being not-so-serious.

Some /r/jailbreak users have reported random reboots after jailbreaking with unc0ver v6.0.0, which may be a sign of a stability issue that requires an update to fix. We are monitoring the situation closely.

All in all, jailbreaking right now or waiting for a few stability updates beforehand is a choice that you get to make on your own.

Which package manager does unc0ver use?

The default package manager on the unc0ver jailbreak is Cydia, bundled with tweak injection via Substitute.

After jailbreaking with unc0ver, users may choose to install Installer or Zebra alongside Cydia.

Only devices running the Chimera, Odyssey, or Odysseyra1n jailbreaks can use Sileo as the default package manager and libhooker for tweak injection.

The unc0ver app says my device isn’t supported, what do I do?

If you’re using iOS or iPadOS 14.4 or later, then unc0ver will be unable to jailbreak your handset at this time.

Sit tight and wait for another kernel exploit to be released for your device and avoid installing any additional software updates.

Why doesn’t unc0ver get to step 30 when attempting to jailbreak?

As with all kernel-based software exploits, they’re not always successful on the first attempt. You may need to reboot and try the jailbreak again if the unc0ver jailbreak fails to get to step 30 during the jailbreak process.

The jailbreak may fail during the exploitation process, and this can be normal. Depending on the exploit, the number of retries can vary. Some exploits work on the first time every time, while others require dozens of reattempts.

Just keep trying until it works, and remember to reboot after each attempt until it does.

AltStore isn’t working, what do I do?

Make sure that you’ve updated to the latest version of AltStore and that your iPhone or iPad and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network.

You will also need to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with an MFi-certified USB to Lightning cable.

If it still doesn’t work, then refer to our tutorial to ensure you aren’t missing any imperative steps.

I already updated to iOS 14.4, can I still jailbreak?

We’ve received lots of questions like this one, and unfortunately, iOS & iPadOS 14.4 are not supported by unc0ver at this time. This is a limitation of the kernel exploit used in the latest unc0ver release.

New kernel exploits are released from time to time, so this may change in the future. Remember to stay on the lowest possible firmware to increase your odds of being able to jailbreak soon.

I’m still on iOS 13, can I upgrade to iOS 14.3 and jailbreak?

If you saved .shsh2 blobs for iOS or iPadOS 14.3 when it was still being signed for your device, then you may be able to use futurerestore to upgrade from iOS or iPadOS 13 to iOS or iPadOS 14.3. This would make you eligible to jailbreak with unc0ver.

Unfortunately, iOS & iPadOS 14.3 are no longer being signed, so there’s no way to save .shsh2 blobs for that firmware right now, nor would you be able to use futurerestore if you didn’t already save them when they were being signed.

But don’t fret, even if you can’t upgrade to iOS or iPadOS 14.3 right now, an iOS or iPadOS 13-based jailbreak is still better than no jailbreak!

See the informative pieces below for more information:

  • How to save your .shsh2 blobs online with TSS Saver
  • How to save .shsh2 blobs on A12 and newer devices (iPhone XS and later)

Will unc0ver eventually support iOS or iPadOS 14.4-14.5?

The unc0ver jailbreak generally receives updates to support new versions of iOS or iPadOS when a new exploit becomes available for them.

On the other hand, the decision to continue developing the unc0ver jailbreak to support new firmware is completely up to Pwn20wnd, and we can’t answer for him.


If you have any other questions about the unc0ver jailbreak, or a question you have isn’t listed and answered above, then feel free to drop a comment below and we’ll do our best to reply.

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Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Astolfo, Cylinder Reborn, & more…

With another week now behind us, we’re coming at you with a roundup comprised of all the latest jailbreak tweak releases and jailbreak-centric news to help ensure that you don’t miss a beat during these rapidly changing times in the community.

In this roundup, we’ll showcase jailbreak tweaks and news released from Monday, February 22nd to Sunday, February 28th. As always, we’ll start things off with a discussion about our favorite releases first and then wrap things up with an outline of everything else afterward.

Our favorite releases this week

Astolfo – FREE

Astolfo is an easy recommendation on this list, because it lets jailbreakers customize their iPhone or iPad’s Siri background image.

What’s normally filled with empty transparent space can now be filled with an image of your choosing, just as shown above, to give your Siri interface a more personalized touch.

You can learn more about Astolfo and what it can do for you in our full review.

Cylinder Reborn – FREE

Cylinder Reborn is yet another no-brainer for this list, partly due to the fact that it’s based on one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks of all time: Barrel.

With Cylinder Reborn, you can apply custom paging animations to your Home Screen to make moving between app pages more fun. You can select one or multiple animations, and even randomize them to keep things interesting.

You can learn more about Cylinder Reborn and why it’s such a necessity for jailbreakers in our full review.

Other releases this week

Fast-LS14: Lets you lock your iPhone more quickly (free via BigBoss repository)

LeaveMeOff Pro: Helps enhance the privacy of your iPhone’s incoming notification banners ($0.90 via Packix repository – review)

optool_ios: A tool that interfaces with MachO binaries in order to insert or remove load commands, strip code, signatures, resign, and remove aslr (free via BigBoss repository)

SecretShot: Allows jailbreakers to privately capture screenshots and screen recordings in the Snapchat app (free via YulkyTulky repository)

TinyWidget14: Shrinks the Lock Screen’s Now Playing widget to accommodate for additional missed notification banners (free via Packix repository – review)

Additional important jailbreak news

unc0ver: The unc0ver jailbreak was updated to version 6.0.0 this weekend with support for iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3. Learn how to use it with our detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Substitute: The Substitute tweak injection method was updated to version 2.0.8 with preliminary support for unc0ver on iOS & iPadOS 14, and later to version 2.0.9 with additional small bug fixes.

Sileo: Procursus will soon be used to bring the Sileo package manager to the macOS Big Sur platform, opening the door to macOS customization and more.

That brings this week’s jailbreak tweak and news roundup to a close, but don’t fret, as we’ll be back exactly one week from now with a roundup just like this one, albeit with refreshed content.

Miss last week’s roundup? DoABarrelWall, Meredith, & more…

Please do share your favorite jailbreak tweak release and/or news tidbit from this past week in the comments section below, as we’re always interested in learning more about our readers’ interests.

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Unc0ver jailbreak updated to v6.0.0, picks up support for iOS 14.0-14.3

After much anticipation, the unc0ver team has officially updated its tenable jailbreak tool Saturday evening with initial support for iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3.

The latest unc0ver update brings the tool up to version 6.0.0, and as expected, incorporates a full fledged jailbreak experience with tweak injection via Substitute and package management via Cydia.

Unc0ver lead developer Pwn20wnd broke the news about the renewed jailbreak tool via Twitter, and anyone who’s already familiar with with the unc0ver jailbreak from a previous release will agree that the updated interface is quite familiar:

Unc0ver’s newfangled iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3 support comes by way of a custom kernel exploit derived from the recently released cicuta_verosa exploit by @ModernPwner. That said, although it doesn’t use the cicuta_verosaexploit directly because of licensing restrictions, team unc0ver’s custom exploit does indeed draw inspiration from the former.

It should be noted that all A7-A11 devices, up to and including the iPhone X, have been pwnable on iOS & iPadOS 14 by way of the bootrom exploit-based checkra1n jailbreak for quite some time. However, with today’s release, unc0ver is now the first public jailbreak tool to pick up support for iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3 on all devices, including Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup.

The unc0ver jailbreak installs the Cydia package manager by default, and utilizes Substitute for tweak injection. By comparison, the Chimera and Odyssey jailbreak tools install the Sileo package manager by default, and utilize libhooker for tweak injection instead.

As always, the latest version of the unc0ver jailbreak tool can be downloaded for free from the official website. For a full guide, including how to install the unc0ver jailbreak app with AltStore and how to deploy the jailbreak once installed, we recommend reading our step-by-step tutorial.

Will you be jailbreaking your iOS or iPadOS 14.0-14.3 device with unc0ver now that the option is available? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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Pwn20wnd begins hyping imminent release of unc0ver v6.0.0 with iOS 14.0-14.3 support

The news officially broke Thursday morning that the unc0ver Team had been hard at work on creating a full-fledged jailbreak for iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3. Since then, many avid jailbreakers-to-be have found themselves waiting in suspense.

Fortunately for those waiting, it seems that unc0ver could pick up support for iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3 sooner rather than later. In a series of Tweets shared to Twitter Saturday evening, we got our first glance at the unc0ver jailbreak app v6.0.0 on iOS 14 alongside some screenshots of Cydia running on iOS 14.

The Tweets were accompanied by unc0ver lead developer Pwn20wnd hyping the tool up and urging jailbreakers to Tweet the hashtag #unc0ver in an effort to get it trending on Twitter. Pwn20wnd even teased that it could be released as soon as tonight:

Those who remember the last time unc0ver received a major update will recognize many of the same patterns this time around.

In a general fashion, Pwn20wnd enjoys getting unc0ver trending on Twitter before launching a major release, followed by Retweeting testimonials shared by beta testers:

As it’s understood, unc0ver’s newfangled iOS & iPadOS 14 support is being made possible by a custom kernel exploit based on the recently released cicuta_verosa kernel exploit by @ModernPwner. It should be noted however that the exploits are not the same.

For those unaware, the unc0ver jailbreak installs Cydia as the default package manager and utilizes Substitute for tweak injection, the latter of which recently received a major update. The unc0ver v6.0.0 jailbreak for iOS 14.0-14.3 will support all devices capable of running these versions, including Apple’s new iPhone 12 lineup.

Given all the hype happening on Twitter right now, we can only assume that unc0ver v6.0.0 will launch very soon, and we’re ready!

Are you excited for unc0ver v6.0.0, or are you waiting for CoolStar’s Odyssey14 release before you jailbreak iOS or iPadOS 14? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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Recur, 3 Things, Auth., and other apps to check out this weekend

In this week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup we have a subscription tracker, a todo list app with a twist, and a cross-platform two factor authentication app. And as always, we’ve selected two great games for you to check out.

Recur – Subscription Tracker

As the name suggests, Recur is a subscription tracker. What sets the app apart from the others is its sharp interface and its ease of use. It also supports Home Screen widgets, light and dark mode, and iCloud sync across devices.

Download for free

3 Things – Do More

Yes we’re highlighting another todo list app this week. It’s 3 Things, and—you guessed it—its unique spin is that you focus on just 3 tasks, instead of a lengthy list. What do I always say? The best todo list app is…the one you’ll use.

Download for $2

Auth. – 2FA

In the market for a two factor authentication app? Auth looks like a good one. And not only does it look great but it’s available on every platform – iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and Safari (extension). So you can log in anytime, anywhere.

Download for free


Pingpon is a modern take on the classic Ping-Pong Game. It takes place in a huge 3D spherical arena and it offers up two exciting game modes: Time Mode and Endless Mode. It also offers customizable colors and Game Center support.

Download for free

Total Eggscape

A big and beautiful chicken dreams to escape the farm, and she has a plan! Help her build the highest tower possible by laying eggs, avoiding obstacles and outsmarting bosses. The catchy music and quirky pixel art make for nice bonuses.

Download for free

App-related news

  • The best iPhone meal delivery apps for lunch and dinner
  • Apple is celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day with books, podcasts, and more
  • New Shortcuts actions in iOS 14.5: Take Screenshot, Orientation Lock and more
  • Telegram gains expiring invites, auto-delete in any chat, unlimited groups and more

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Procursus and Sileo are coming to the Mac

Most people who hear the word Sileo immediately think of the default package manager used by the Chimera and Odyssey jailbreaks for iPhone and iPad. But what if it could also run on a Mac?

The idea of having a package manager such as Sileo available on the Mac isn’t new, and Odyssey Team co-developer Hayden Seay (A.K.A. Diatrus) says it will be coming to fruition very soon.

In a Tweet shared just this evening, Seay announced that Sileo would be coming to both Intel x86_64 and Apple silicon arm64 Macs running macOS Big Sur:

Seay adds that the mission behind such a release is to provide an alternative to Homebrew, and that it would be based on Procursus, a project that has demonstrated its utility time and time again on the iOS platform.

Homebrew is used in the process of installing Odysseyra1n on an iPhone or iPad already jailbroken via checkra1n, so it remains to be seen if Sileo on the Mac might make this process easier for those unfamiliar or uncomfortable with a command line interface. In turn, Sileo would provide a graphical user interface, which most everyday users tend to prefer.

It’s also likely that Sileo on the Mac would open the door for installing third party software on macOS, such as customization by way of tweaks and add-ons. Seay says the release will augment the Mac experience and help developers offer more packages for iOS.

In response to Seay’s announcement, Twitter user @HackedByApple shared what appears to be a screenshot of the Sileo package manager running in a macOS window — the interface is particularly familiar if you’ve ever used it on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad:

We’re excited to see what Procursus and Sileo might offer for the Mac, and more importantly, how developers might utilize them to help jailbreakers and tinkerers alike.

Do you have any interest in Sileo for macOS? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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Substitute updated to v2.0.9 with additional minor bug fixes

Substitute, the tweak injection method used on the unc0ver jailbreak, and sometimes even the checkra1n jailbreak depending on personal preference, received yet another update on Friday, this time bringing the package up to version 2.0.9.

The latest update comes just one day after Sam Bingner published Substitute v2.0.8 with preliminary support and speed improvements for unc0ver on iOS & iPadOS 14. Substitute v2.0.9 isn’t quite as substantial of an update as the previous version, but it’s still recommended for all current users.

Citing the release notes for Substitute v2.0.9, the latest update “fixes an edge case crash on MSHookMessageEx:”

No one enjoys unwanted crashes or stability issues when running software on their jailbroken handset, so the fact that the latest update resolves a known crash is like music to our ears.

If you’re already using Substitute, then you can merely refresh your sources via your favorite package manager to find the latest update available for you to download.

Those who aren’t already using Substitute, either because they’re using Cydia Substrate instead or because they’re only just jailbreaking for the first time, can download the latest version of the package from Sam Bingner’s repository in their favorite package manager.

To add Sam Bingner’s repository to your package manager if you aren’t already using it, you can use the following URL:

Have you updated to the latest version of Substitute yet? Let us know how it works for you in the comments section down below.

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Minnesota bill aims to allow developers to avoid Apple’s and Google’s app fees

There are fees associated with using not only Apple’s App Store, but also Google‘s option, Google Play. But some folks want to see those fees abolished, and state legislatures in the United States are part of the process. This time around it’s Minnesota.

As reported by the Star Tribune, a bill moving forward in the Minnesota state legislature would make it possible for developers in the state to bypass in-app purchase rules. The bill would make it possible for those developers to sell their apps for the iPhone and Android handsets in basically any way they want — and those apps would need to remain in the App Store and in Google Play as well.

The goal? To avoid Apple’s and Google’s commissions.

It’s not a secret that Apple doesn’t allow for developers to use their own payment options. Customers must use Apple’s payment option for in-app purchases. From that, Apple collects a fee. It is either 15 percent or 30 percent, depending on a variety of different factors.

If the bill passes, it would mean that developers based out of Minnesota would be able to use an alternative option for in-app purchases. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Epic Games tried to do the same thing late last year. But Apple’s rules don’t allow for that, so Epic Games had its mega-popular battle royale game Fortnite pulled from the App Store (and Google’s own option). And then Epic Games launched a lawsuit against Apple (and Google) that was months in planning.

A similar bill like this was submitted in North Dakota not too long ago. However, that did not pass. And, as it stands right now, it remains to be seen whether or not this one will pass.