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Apple now facing an antitrust investigation over ‘Sign in with Apple’

Apple isn’t a stranger to antitrust lawsuits. And now the company is facing yet another. This time around it’s dealing with “Sign in with Apple“.

As reported today by The Information, the United States Department of Justice is now investigating several complaints from developers building apps for Apple’s platforms and the “Sign in with Apple” feature. Apple introduced this feature with iOS 13, and, since then, now requires developers that also offer other sign-in options (like through Facebook or Google) to now include this option as well. Apple bills it as a more secure way for Apple product users to sign into sites and apps.

It removes the necessity to create a special username or share the user’s email address when logging into these sites and apps.

It turns out that developers logged complaints regarding the feature last summer. Now, the U.S. DOJ is investigating those complaints. Some developers are unhappy with the rules associated with “Sign in with Apple”. Now, antitrust regulators are looking into the matter, especially as it relates to whether or not Apple makes it difficult or not to switch to a “rival device maker”.

The probe isn’t just focused on this feature, either. The regulators are looking into Apple’s general control over the App Store, the rules it places on third-party developers in comparison to its own apps, and more.

Resource: How to use and manage Sign in with Apple

An Apple spokesperson commented when reached out to, saying that the Sign in with Apple feature is meant to be a privacy-focused alternative to the other options already out there from the likes of Google and Facebook. However, that same spokesperson did not comment on the antitrust investigation.

As it stands right now, the U.S. DOJ has not decided whether or not it will sue Apple.

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