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Downtime 391: Mister Poignant

The co-hosts talk about Sebastien’s Tesla test drive experience and Cody’s big Top Shot hit. The pair also discusses this week’s strange HomePod/Apple TV/Camera rumors, new games in Apple Arcade,  and the new Find My network accessory program. Finally, they answer questions from listeners about Apple Watch and iPad.

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Follow-up: Big games land on Apple Arcade

  • Oregon Trail
  • Song PopParty by Gameloft
  • NBA2K1 Arcade Edition
  • Threes
  • The Room Two
  • Cut the Rope
  • Monument Valley

Apple’s new smart home gadget will combine Apple TV and HomePod functionality with a camera for video calls

Find My Network:

  • Apple updates the Find My app to support third-party accessories with the new Find My accessory program
  • Chipolo announces the ONE Spot item tracker that uses Apple’s Find My network

App of the week:

  • Half Lemons – Apps of the Week

What we’ve been watching:


  • Happy Time murders on Netflix
  • Bad Trip on Netflix


  • Kong vs Godzilla
  • Nico Leonard on YouTube


Mark asks on Twitter:  If there is a totally new Apple Watch released this year, complete with a whole new WatchOS. What would it take for @SebastienPage to start wearing it? And @melvco to stop wearing it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Nathan asks via Twitter: I have an iPad but I find myself rarely using it. When was the last time you used an iPad? What do you typically use it for? Why use it over your other devices?

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