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How to get notified of new Apple Arcade games

Keeping up with new games can be tough no matter which device you use. But if you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber, you can receive notifications for new games when they become available.

This is a great way to know exactly when that awesome new game you’ve been waiting for hits the App Store for you to download. Here’s how to get notifications for new Apple Arcade games on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Request new game notifications on iPhone and iPad

As a reminder, you can see upcoming games in a Coming Soon section of Apple Arcade on the App Store. This section is usually at the bottom of the main Apple Arcade screen. But you can also hit See All Games at the very bottom.

When you see an upcoming game you want a notification for, just tap Get. You can do this from:

  • The Coming Soon section on the Apple Arcade main screen.
  • The Coming Soon section after tapping See All Games.
  • The game details screen after you select it to view more information.

As soon as you tap Get, you’ll see a pop-up letting you know that you’ll be notified when the game becomes available.

Apple Arcade on iPhone Get a New Game

After you see that pop-up message, the Get button for the game will be dimmed. This is your indicator that you’ve asked to be notified when the game is available and that button is dimmed for the game on your other devices too.

Apple Arcade on iPhone New Game Notification

Request new game notifications on Mac

Just like iPhone and iPad, you can see upcoming games in the Coming Soon section of Apple Arcade on Mac. You’ll find it on the main Apple Arcade screen as well as with the See All Games link at the very bottom.

Hit the Get button from any spot where you see the game or on the game details screen.

Apple Arcade on Mac Get a New Game

You’ll see a pop-up window just like on your other devices letting you know you’ll be notified when the game is available. Click OK.

Apple Arcade on Mac Get a New Game Notification

Games you click the Get button for sync across your devices. So you can see one you’ve asked for a notification for on your iPhone that you requested on your Mac. The exception is for games that are device-specific.

Wrapping it up

You never have to be the last one in your group to download and start playing that new Apple Arcade game. With this handy tip, you’ll get your alert when the game is available. And this might just be way sooner than your pals discover know about it!

What are your favorite types of games to play on Apple Arcade? Are you a thoughtful puzzler, energetic platformer, or die-hard adventurer? Share some of your favorites in the comments below!

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