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Speculating on Apple’s rumored April 20 event

Apple may be holding its anticipated special media event on the next Tuesday, April 20, at least according to Siri. Whether or not that’s the date we’ve been expecting remains to be seen, but we’re certain that Apple will be holding an event sooner than later. And with that in mind, here’s what shiny new gadgets from the company we’re expecting to see come next Tuesday.


  • Siri says the next Apple event is on April 20.
  • However, Apple’s yet to send out event invites.
  • We’re expecting new iPad Pros, among other things.
  • All you Kremlinologists out there, what do you think?

Speculating on the next Apple event

Supposing Apple is simply trolling us, that would be one heck of a joke requiring the Siri team to update the answer to the question “When is the next Apple event taking place?” That possibility seems to be a stretch, to say the least, which leaves us with the only other logical explanation—intentionally or not, Apple wanted Siri to inform fans when to expect new gadgets.

The next iPad Pro is a given.

The next iPad Pro will be the first Apple device with a mini-LED display.

Although the global chip shortage has temporarily halted the production of some iPad and MacBook models, Bloomberg is adamant that the next iPad Pro featuring a mini-LED display will be officially announced in the second half of April.

The event could also serve as a launchpad for the next gaming-focused Apple TV that was supposed to arrive last fall but got delayed due to the current pandemic.

On the other hand, Apple is rumored to be working on a new TV accessory that would combine HomePod and Apple TV functionality. A smart soundbar of sorts, this rumored device is not ready for prime time yet, however, meaning the next Apple event might come and go without it.

A conceptual rendering depicting an Apple-branded soundbar providing some of the features of the Apple TV and HomePod, with a built-in display

Image credit: Philip Goolkasian / Behance

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Apple is working on both the next Apple TV as a standalone accessory (lower-priced?) and this rumored (higher-priced?) TV accessory. Aside from new iPads and Apple TVs, we’re also expecting AirTags soon, Apple’s long-anticipated item trackers.

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And lastly, this time of year is when we usually get new Spring-themed cases for the iPhone and straps for the Apple Watch so those are highly probable as well. Wrapping up, Apple’s first product event this year is important because the company hasn’t released any new products since the start of 20231.

April 20 can’t come soon enough!

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