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Twitter now lets all iOS and Android users upload 4K images

Earlier this year, Twitter confirmed it would soon fix cropped images when uploading them on iOS and Android. And apparently the fix is here for all users.

Back in March, Twitter confirmed it was working on making it possible for iOS and Android users to tweet photos at up to 4K resolution. Up until now, Twitter has only supported photos being uploaded at a cropped resolution of 2048 x 2048, half of what’s supported on the desktop version of Twitter (4096 x 4096). But now that full resolution support is present for iOS and Android users.

Twitter was testing the functionality back in March, and, as noted today by The Verge, those tests apparently went well enough to open the feature for all mobile users. (Well, those using updated versions of Twitter on iOS and Android.)

As noted in the tweet, users will need to do some tweaking in the Settings of their stock Twitter app on iOS and Android. Open that part of the app, find the “data usage” section, and then make sure to toggle both “high-quality images” and “high-quality image uploads” for both cellular and Wi-Fi. The former option will make sure you can view those full resolution images, while the latter makes it possible to upload and tweet them.

Users can choose whether or not they want to view those full-res images on Wi-Fi-only or on cellular or Wi-Fi. They can even disable the feature altogether, if they want to go that route.

The new feature is now live for Android and iOS users.

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